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Chaminade Minecraft Shines


Did you know that Minecraft has officially become an Esport? Creative mode may be a popular choice, but have you ever considered testing your skills in the survival games? Take TheFeldman, for instance - a formidable contender in our Minecraft survival games tournament.

As a student at Chaminade College Preparatory School, TheFeldman represents Chimade Esports' Minecraft division with pride. Currently ranked 27th, TheFeldman continues to climb the ranks with impressive displays of high-level combat in the game. You can witness their skills in action by tuning in to their Twitch channel or the Chaminade Esports' page.

We are thrilled to see TheFeldman's progress this season and have high hopes for their success. Perhaps they will even bring home a coveted trophy for their team this spring. Don't miss out on the action - join us in supporting the growth of Minecraft as a legitimate Esport.


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