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Arizona Turns up the Heat in Esports


Our quest to rank every state's high school esports scene continues! We will be discussing esports in Arizona. Known for its hot weather, Arizona is also home to many talented high school esports players.

Valorant is a popular game in the state, with 197 players in the league. Arizona's high school esports team, UHS Penguins, ranked 28th in the 2022 Spring Major for Valorant in the southern division. The southern division is historically known to be a difficult region for FPS titles, especially Valorant, due to the dominance of Hebron High School, winners of the HSEL Nationals.

We would like to highlight one exceptional player, Samik, also known as Chessguy7961, who secured a ranking of 4th and achieved a record of 7-1 during the 2022 Fall Major. We have previously reported on this student's accomplishments and are pleased to observe their continued pursuit of excellence.

In summary, Arizona's high school esports scene is thriving, particularly in the realm of Valorant. With gifted teams such as the UHS Penguins, the state is carving out a reputation for itself in the world of esports. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the evolution of Arizona's esports landscape in the coming years.


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