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Minnesota is Making Waves in Esports

Updated: Mar 13, 2023


As part of my review of high school esports scenes across the country, I turn my attention to Minnesota.

Despite the struggles of their beloved Vikings, fans in Minnesota have found solace in esports. In fact, we believe that the state's esports community is on the rise.

Minnesota boasts 12 high school esports teams, with a diverse selection of games. Leading the pack are Valorant, Rocket League, Rainbow 6, and Minecraft, with 49 Valorant players and 38 Rocket League players in the mix.

Now, let's recognize some standout performers.

Today's Self-Improvement Award goes to Minnetonka Public Schools, who climbed from 33rd place last year to an undefeated record and a 7th place ranking in this year's Spring Major. Well done, Minnetonka!

We are dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of schools throughout the country in the high school esports community. Keep up with our social media pages to discover more up-and-coming stars!


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