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Pennsylvania is Rocketing Up the Leaderboards


As the popularity of esports continues to surge, an increasing number of high schools across the country are becoming involved in competitive gaming. While each state boasts its own unique esports scene with various games and competition levels, we will take a closer look at Pennsylvania's high school esports scene today.

Pennsylvania's high school esports scene is flourishing, with 27 esports teams. Valorant is one of the most well-liked games in the state, with teams such as HolyGhostPrep, VFMA, and Riverside Vikings all ranking among the top 50. Nevertheless, Rocket League is where Pennsylvania truly shines. The East division is regarded as one of the most challenging Rocket League divisions to compete in, with powerhouses such as Brooklyn Tech and Summit High always hovering. Despite the intense competition, Pennsylvania has some remarkable Rocket League teams.

Penn Manor High School occupies the #3 and #11th spots, Reach Cyber Charter School occupies the 17th spot, and Spring Grove occupies the 30th spot. And bear in mind, these are just three of the 19 high schools in Pennsylvania that participate in Rocket League. It is evident that the state has a deep passion for Rocket League.

In fact, Pennsylvania's love for Rocket League is so great that in 2022, high school teams in the state played a total of 249 Rocket League matches. That's a significant amount of Rocket League! Overall, Pennsylvania's high school esports scene is thriving and expanding. As esports gain more recognition and popularity, it is exciting to see an increasing number of high school students participating and competing at a high level. Who knows, perhaps the next esports superstar will emerge from Pennsylvania!


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