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Ohio School Shines in Central Region


The Spring Major is off to a fantastic start, with an abundance of enthusiasm displayed by participants. Ohio Connections Academy, in particular, has demonstrated exceptional performance, with their undefeated OCA Blue team sitting atop the Central Division.

Comprised of Hecnix., Swanless, and iMegaaa, this team has been delivering remarkable performances.

Their achievements include a resounding 4-0 victory over the Waunakee Warriors, where they avenged another team from their school, the OCA Orange crew. Despite their impressive track record, the OCA Blue team faces tough competition from other prominent contenders in the Central region, such as South Dearborn and DeSoto.

Only time will tell if OCA Blue can maintain its current momentum or if they will encounter challenges from other top-performing teams.

At HSEL, we will be closely monitoring their progress with great interest, and we extend our best wishes to them for the remainder of the spring season.


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