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New Hampshire Esports Stands Out


Our quest to rank every state's high school esports scene has led us to the humble state of New Hampshire!

At first, finding information on teams within the state was challenging. However, after digging through our database, we were pleased to find five New Hampshire esports teams in our league. The results of our investigation may surprise you.

WHS Esports, a Valorant team from Windham High School, was ranked #5th in the 2022 Fall Major. STA Esports, from St. Thomas Aquinas, was ranked 38th in Rocket League. So while New Hampshire may not have as many teams as other states, they certainly make up for it in skill.

Today, we are delighted to recognize WRAgames from NRHS Esports for consistently creating stellar content for four years. In addition, their YouTube video has currently surpassed 200,000 views, a monumental achievement for someone at such a young age.

Overall, we are very impressed with New Hampshire's high school esports scene and cannot wait to see these teams give it their all in future seasons.



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