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Raising the Bar - St. John Bosco High School


What happens when a 14-year-old Radiant player enters the High School Esports League?

Now, we're no strangers to having high-level talent in HSEL. Whether they're ranked Supersonic Legends in Rocket League, Radiant in Valorant, or simply leading the pack in their respective game — we know there are talented players in HSEL.

However, California's St. John Bosco High School takes the cake with top-tier talent for Valorant.

This is Cane.

Currently rated top 20 on the North American Valorant servers, Cane stands in a class all their own in HSEL.

But for a team-based game like Valorant, one player won't always be the difference maker — and we saw this in action during the HSEL California State Finals.

Sweeping through the playoffs with 2-0 after 2-0 victory, Bosco Esports couldn't clinch their final set against Arcadia High School.

However, we were SO impressed by this level of competition in our league that our team had to dig deeper into their run.

How will they fare in the 2023 HSEL Spring Major?


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