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Washington Esports are Trending Upward


Our focus now shifts to Washington, where the level of support and enthusiasm for esports is commendably substantial. Within this state, a remarkable 211 matches have been played, indicative of the robust gaming culture thriving here. Furthermore, the significant presence of 370 esports players in the preceding year, coupled with the evident upward trajectory in participation, bodes well for Washington's esports scene.

In terms of accolades, it is with great pleasure that we acknowledge Washington Connections Academy for their outstanding achievements in Rocket League, as they have emerged as the top team in Washington. Last season, their undefeated record and admirable 2nd place standing in the west division are noteworthy accomplishments that warrant recognition.

However, it is essential to highlight that the competitive landscape extends beyond Pacific Northwest Esports. Notably, Southridge High School's Solar Flare Gaming Club secured a notable rank of 20th in Rocket League within the state. Their performance underscores the depth of talent and potential that resonates throughout the Washington esports community.

In conclusion, Washington stands as a shining example of a thriving high school esports hub, boasting impressive figures in terms of participation, competitive success, and potential for further advancement.


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