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South Carolina Esports are THRIVING

Updated: Aug 11, 2023


I have undertaken a comprehensive evaluation of the most outstanding high school esports programs across the nation. In this regard, we now turn our attention to South Carolina, a state boasting an impressive cohort of over 300 proficient esports players.

During the previous season, the Florence Firestorm, representing the Florence One School District, achieved a commendable ranking of 21st within the eastern division of Valorant. Additionally, Hilton Head High School showcased their prowess in this field, narrowly missing a position within the top 50.

However, the accomplishments of Hilton Head High School extend beyond Valorant. They have established a dominant presence in Rocket League, securing a remarkable 4th place ranking in the eastern division. Furthermore, their performance during the regular season, with a record of 7-1, deserves recognition, especially considering the competitiveness inherent within the eastern division.

I am genuinely pleased and pleasantly surprised by the level of enthusiasm and skill exhibited by the esports community in South Carolina. In light of their accomplishments, I confidently award South Carolina's esports programs a rating of 8 out of 10, denoting their remarkable achievements and potential.


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