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Southern Valorant Finals: Texas Edition


The 2023 season of High School Valorant has been the most exciting yet! When it comes to raw skill, the southern region has been an overwhelmingly powerful force in FPS titles, and this statement is particularly true for Valorant.

One team that has been making waves in the league is Plano West Senior High School. Their Valorant team, based in Texas, posses a roster filled with high Immortals and an impressive season record among the league's elite. Additionally, this team boasts an impressive sixth place finish in the regular season.

However, as with any competitive sport, there is always a rival waiting to challenge the underdog. For Plano West Senior High School, that rival was Hebron High School, the last bastion of the spring season guarding a coveted first-place finish. The match was intense, and ultimately, Hebron emerged as the victors.

Despite the loss, Plano West Senior High School remains a testament to the spirit of the league. They are determined to continue honing their skills and perfecting their gameplay. The league fosters a sense of teamwork, communication, and critical thinking, skills that are essential not just in gaming but in life as well. With teams like Plano West Senior High School pushing the boundaries of what is possible in competitive gaming, the future of esports looks bright.

Although they lost to Hebron High School, Plano West Senior High School still remains a team to be on the lookout for.

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