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Michigan Esports Leaps into Action


I have been researching the high school esports scenes in every state, and in this report, we'll focus on Michigan, known as the Wolverine state and home to one of the stronger collegiate esports communities in the country.

Michigan's high school esports scene is equally impressive, with 42 teams and 500 participating students, who have played 278 matches this spring. With such a significant number of games being played, it's natural to be curious about the popular games in the state.

Just like their neighbors to the west (Wisconsin and Minnesota), Michigan has a strong preference for Rocket League and Valorant. The top three games played in the state are Rocket League, Valorant, and Brawlhalla.

Michigan's esports teams are well-rounded, with the LHS Eagles ranked 15th in Rocket League and Rockford in 5th place for Valorant.

However, we are particularly enthusiastic about Novi High School, who have advanced to the semi-finals. The upcoming match between Novi High School and Minnetonka is anticipated to be an enthralling spectacle.

Overall, Michigan has a thriving high school esports scene and is a state to watch out for in the future.

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