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Hawaii Makes a Splash in Esports


Our coverage of each state's high school esports scene continues. Today, I will be discussing the high school esports scene in the beautiful state of Hawaii.

Hawaii, with its vibrant environment and breathtaking waters, also boasts an intense esports scene. The state has four esports teams, and they have a particular affinity for playing Valorant.

One team that deserves recognition is Punahou School's purple team, which was ranked an impressive 42nd in the Fall Major. Keep up the excellent work, guys!

As we all know, connection issues can be frustrating, especially for those far away from the nearest Riot server. Therefore, I would like to commend Maui Preparatory Academy and Hanalani Schools for persevering through such issues.

We're excited to follow the progress of Hawaii's teams in the Spring Major. If you want to keep up with the action, stay tuned to our social channels for regular updates.


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