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3rd Annual High School Esports League Awards

The High School Esports League Awards are back for their third year and we are excited to recognize even more students this year! Nominations for HSEL Most Valuable Player, Honor Roll, and Coach of the Year are open now. All 2023-24 HSEL coaches are invited to nominate one or more of your students for Most Valuable Player and/or Honor Roll! Each of the six selected students will receive a scholarship ranging from $500-2000.

A picture of the High School Esports League's Most Valuable Player in 2023
HSEL Most Valuable Player 2023

Nominations will consist of a few clerical items and one short essay response (up to 300 words). Student awards will be considered based upon both the student’s performance/leadership during practice and competition, as well as their contributions to the team, school, and community; academics; personal growth; and/or overcoming hardships.

The MVP will further be considered based on the student’s/team’s playoff performances; while the Honor Roll awards will recognize outstanding students from any team regardless of their playoff success. One Honor Roll student will be further recognized as the Student Athlete of the Year!


A picture of the High School Esports League Coach of the Year in 2023
HSEL Coach of the Year 2023

HSEL Coach of the Year nominations may be made by anyone – students, parents, administrators, and other coaches! Similarly to the student awards, Coach of the Year awards will be considered upon both the school's esports performances as well as the coach's leadership/mentorship skills, relationships with students, and contributions to both the school and greater esports communities.

Nominations for HSEL awards will close April 28th. Finalists will be contacted during the month of May, with the winners announced during the HSEL Nationals Player and Coach Award Ceremony on June 9th. Nominate a student or coach today!


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