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Newsletter - 3/6

Spring Major 2023 Playoff Information Announced!

We’ve already reached the halfway point of the HSEL Spring Major – you know what that means; it’s time to start thinking about the playoffs! We’ve been monitoring the number of active rosters/players for each game, and are ready to share the playoff line for each leaderboard.

In line with last fall, more students will experience the playoffs than ever before!

Most HSEL Spring Major competitions will feature at least two playoff brackets: a championship bracket for the top-seeded students/teams, followed by a “Redemption Road” tournament where lower-seeded players/teams can still compete in a playoff experience for trophies and medals.

Please note that Rainbow 6: Siege (Console) and League of Legends will only have Championship brackets.

Rosters/students must play a minimum of six regular season matches in order to be considered for playoff qualification. Additionally, per rule, any unplayed matches at the end of the season will be converted to losses for the purposes of breaking ties and seeding the playoffs.

If your students miss any matches (e.g. Spring Break), don’t forget we have make-up days at the end of the season!

The playoffs (excluding Minecraft) will be a single elimination bracket with matches played from 4/10-4/26.


Playoff Information Links

Please reach out if you have any questions.


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