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Wichita Esports Dominate Central Region Valorant


Currently, the city of Wichita, Kansas, is demonstrating unparalleled dominance in high school Valorant. As the spring season draws to a close, it is prudent to examine the standings in anticipation of the playoffs.

Astonishingly, the central region Valorant leaderboard showcases three schools from Wichita, all of which rank within the top 10. These schools include Wichita West, Wichita East, and Wichita Southeast. Remarkably, these teams have emerged as undefeated champions throughout the regular season, boasting a roster of exceptional individuals ranging from diamond to immortal ranks. In fact, Wichita West even secured a victory against the Navy.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these teams for their remarkable performance this season. However, we must acknowledge that only one team can emerge victorious and claim a spot at Nationals. Therefore, we wish the best of luck to Wichita as they enter the playoffs.

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