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Kansas Esports Rise to the Occasion


I have been conducting a thorough review of each state's high school esports scene. Today, let's delve into Kansas - a state that is often overlooked in the esports community, despite its thriving and rapidly growing scene. With 500 registered high school esports players and 419 matches played this season alone, Kansas is making a name for itself in the esports arena.

Moreover, the state has wholeheartedly embraced esports, with the Wichita school district investing almost half a million dollars in esports labs. All major universities in Kansas offer scholarships at the collegiate level, and the amateur scene is thriving, showcasing unparalleled levels of support for esports.

In fact, the DeSoto Wildcats - one of the best high school Rocket League teams in the country - have already secured a spot at Nationals. They went undefeated in last year's regular season and swept the finals, losing only a single game. The Wildcats' success is a testament to the state's dedication to esports and its promising future in the competitive gaming world.

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