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HSEL Nationals 2023 - FAQ

Back for another year, the annual HSEL Nationals 2023 returns as an extension of the 2022-2023 scholastic esports competitive season! But this year, we've elevated this tournament to a whole new level.

Let's run through the most important details to note for this event!


General Information

When & where are HSEL Nationals?

  • The HSEL Nationals will consist of 2 experiences, depending on the game:

    • A virtual (online) experience - May 12th - 14th

    • An in-person LAN - May 19th - May 20th

What games will be a part of the in-person LAN experience?

  • Brawlhalla, Rocket League, and Valorant will be in person in Kansas City, Missouri, at the Let's Game Esports Arena at 300 E. 39th St., Kansas City, MO 64111. HSEL Nationals brackets for the remaining games will be held online the weekend prior, May 12th - 14th.

Which games will have their Nationals experience online?

  • Chess, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Halo, Minecraft, Rainbow 6 Siege (PC only). Only the titles offered in both the Fall & Spring Major seasons will receive a Nationals experience.

Why were only three games chosen to come to Kansas City?

  • Many factors limited the number of games we could bring to in-person play. Most notably, these factors include:

    • Short timeline to solidify a venue suitable for LANs.

    • Limitations of a defined budget for this event.

    • Event scheduling, as HSEL has been granted 2 days of venue space. Hosting any more than 3 games to run at once would not be feasible and create a poor user experience.

How did HSEL determine which games would receive an in-person experience?

  • Rocket League, Valorant, and Brawlhalla are among our three largest titles in HSEL regarding overall school participation.



Who qualifies for Nationals?

  • For regional games (Rocket League & VALORANT), the winners (Top 1) of each region from the Fall Major '22 and Spring Major '23 qualify and receive an invite. All other titles will have the Top 4 from the Fall Major '22 and Spring Major '23 qualify.

What is the format?

  • Both online and in-person LAN will use the GSL Groups format. Teams/players will be sorted into two groups of 4 and begin by competing in a double-elimination bracket. Then, the top 2 from both groups will move on to the next stage, a single-elimination playoff.


Location & Venue (LAN experience)

Do we need to bring equipment with us?

  • Students are highly recommended to bring their preferred controller, keyboard/mouse. However, HSEL will provide the necessary equipment to compete, totaling 40 complete setups of PCs, monitors, peripherals, and chairs.

Where can spectators/guests purchase a ticket?

  • Tickets for attendance at the event will be available at no cost. In addition, there will be Nationals merch packages for optional purchases, but this is not required to attend the event.


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