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Bringing Gaming Into the Mainstream - Quartz Hill High School


This California high school is bringing gaming into the mainstream!

Unlike many across the nation, Quartz Hill High School FULLY embraced esports and is now reaping the benefits.

After investing SO much into its program, Quartz Hill cultivated an environment where esports is respected and considered a valid extracurricular among students.

Now, introducing Continuum, one of two Quartz Hill Rocket League teams competing in the 2022 HSEL Fall Major.

Standing on a clear path to the fall playoffs, Quartz Hill asserted their DOMINANCE in the western division with an undefeated Rocket League record.

However, things could change at any moment as CalCA — the Rocket League champions of the 2022

HSEL Nationals — blocks their path as another undefeated team within the western division.

Does Quartz Hill have what it takes to best a national champion?


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