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Texas is Making Big Moves


The spring season of Rocket League is well underway, and one team has caught our attention in the central region: the Uvalde High School’s Coyotes. Comprised of five talented players - Cez, Zeus, Ashtynn, Cheese, and Homie Chips - this team has made a name for themselves with an impressive, unbeaten streak.

Despite being currently ranked 87th, the Coyotes have already proven themselves to be a team to be reckoned with. Viewers can witness their teamwork and communication skills in action on Cez's YouTube channel, where he streams their matches, displaying their coordinated and cohesive gameplay, as well as their ability to execute impressive plays to secure victories. Footage of their matches can be found at Cezanne's YouTube page.

The rise of an underdog is always an exciting prospect, and the Uvalde High School’s Coyotes are no exception. With their exceptional skill, teamwork, and communication, this team is certainly formidable. We eagerly await their continued progress and are excited to see how they will fare against the top teams in the central region.

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