Varsity points redemption request

If you are graduating high school or have graduated high school and would like to redeem your Varsity Points for scholarship money to the college/university that you are attending, fill out the form below. Once your request is received, a representative of the High School Esports League will contact you to confirm that your request is being processed along with any other additional information you will need to complete this process. Please note that the completion time of this process depends heavily on the speed of the institution.

Request proof of enrollment from your registrars office be sent to: Varsity Esports Foundation, 507 Walnut St STE 200 Kansas City MO 64106 - If we do not receive this letter, we can not issue scholarships.

Your Information
Name *
Your name must match the name on your Varsity Esports account.
The name of the High School you attended while participating in the High School Esports League.
You can redeem any amount of Varsity Points that is less than or equal to the amount you currently possess.
College/University Information
The first session in which you will be attending your College/University.
Financial Aid Department address *
Financial Aid Department address
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Financial Aid Department phone number