University Profile Application 

The High School Esports League will now be featuring universities on the HSEL website. We will be providing a directory of active universities in esports and provide profiles for each school. These profiles will be starting at only $10.00 a month as a pilot price, with an initial creation charge of $10.00. 

Example profile

To start out, fill out this application. Once filled out, you will be invoiced $10 for the first month and a $10 initial set up fee. This comes to a total of $20 for the first month. 

If you would like to be a featured university on the front page of the HSEL website, check the box on the form and I will reach out to you to move forward. Being featured will be an additional charge.

This is our pilot pricing to test the waters. Pricing for future months may be adjust based on demand. You are not locked in to a contract and you can cancel at any time. We look to expand and grow our support for universities to help expand collegiate esports.

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Billing Address *
Billing Address
This will be displayed on the profile. Please provide addresses, emails, names, and phone numbers that students can use to reach you.
This will be displayed under about. Please describe your school in detail.
Please describe your program in detail. This will be displayed on your profile
Please describe any scholarship oppertunities your school may be offering
Please provide as many social media links that you can. These will be displayed on the profile page.
Please upload images you want to use on your profile to imgur. These will be displayed on your profile. Please include atleast ONE logo image to be used as your profile picture.
Are you interested in being featured on the front page *
If you are, I will correspond with you to set up a time slot and billing.