10 Smite

10.1 Anti-Cheat

There is no additional anti-cheat required in official matches.


10.2 Match Procedure

Matches will be played Home/Away (two games with the possibility to tie the series 1-1) in the preseason and regular season, Best of Three in the postseason, and Best of Five for Grand Finals.


10.2.1 Format

The game should be set up by the higher seed with the following settings:

  • Match Selection - Conquest

  • Name - “HSEL - (Team A) vs (Team B)”

  • Password - Chosen by hosting team captain

  • Team Size - 5v5

  • Starting Level - Level 1

  • Pause Type - Normal

  • Region - North America

  • Spectator Password - Chosen by hosting team captain

  • God Picking Method - Draft - 8 Bans

  • Starting Gold - 1500

  • Bonus Time - 0

  • Allow Spectators/Record Demo - On

  • Spawn Lane Minions - On

  • Low-Delay Spectate Mode - Off Incorrect Settings

It is the hosting team’s responsibility to ensure that the match settings are as outlined in 10.2.1. In the event that settings are incorrect, record video proof of the incorrect settings, ensuring that scores, time, violated rules, and the players in the lobby are visible and immediately disconnect from the game.


10.2.2 Substitutions

Once the god draft has started no substitutions can be made for the remainder of the game. In a multiple game series, substitutions can be made before the draft has begun for each game.


10.2.3 Stoppage of Play

Teams are allowed a total of 3 pauses per game. Each pause should not exceed more than three minutes. When the match is paused, the pausing team must relay the reason for the pause immediately to the opposing team’s captain. Pausing During an Engagement

Pausing during an engagement that provides either team any sort of an advantage in the match is strictly prohibited. Resuming Play

Before resuming play, both teams must indicate that they are ready. If a team indicates that they are not ready after the initiating team finishes their pause, it will count as a pause for the unready team. Technical Pauses

Technical pauses are any pause initiated in order to fix a technical problem. These pauses do not count towards the teams three tactical pauses but it may be requested by High School Esports League administration or the opposing team's captain. If this is the case, an explanation must be provided or else it will count as a tactical pause. Technical pauses have a time limit of 15 minutes per pause and can not be stacked. Limits

If it team uses more than three minutes on a pause, another pause will start. If a team goes overtime on their third pause the opposing team may force the match to be resumed. If a team states that they are forcing the match to resume, and the match is not unpaused it could result in a forfeit for the offending team.


10.3 Player Count

All teams must provide 5 players at the scheduled match time. Any team that fails to provide 5 players at the time of their match will receive a forfeit loss.


10.4 Match Restarts

Once the ban process has begun the round may not be restarted.


10.5 God Skins

Players are prohibited from using any of the following skins in High School Esports League matches:

  • All Gold, Legendary, Diamond, and Shadow skins

  • Dark Lord Sun Wukong

  • Nutcromancer Ah Puch

  • Galactic Ah Puch

  • Starslayer Anhur

  • Death Machine Bakasura

  • Feaster Bakasura

  • Secret Agent Apollo

  • Chronos 64

  • Recon Artemis

10.6 New Gods

New gods are not permitted in official matches until the god has been released for 2 weeks OR a new god is released, whichever comes first. If a team bans a new god it will count as one of their bans for that game.


10.7 Player Disconnects

If a player disconnects within the first thirty seconds of the game, the map is to be restarted with the same god picks. If a player disconnects after the previous statement has happened the following rules apply:

  • A team may use one of their three game pauses to allow the player to reconnect

  • After the pause expires the team which the player disconnected from must choose to continue with the game, or forfeit the map.