9 Rocket League

9.1 Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required in official matches.


9.2 Match Procedure

9.2.1 Format

The higher seed will create the lobby. All matches will be played as a best of five series. Map

The first map will be played at DFH Stadium. Following arenas will be selected by the team that lost the previous map.


9.2.2 Game Settings

The game settings should be set to the following:

  • Default Arena: DFH Stadium

  • Team Size: 3v3

  • Bot Difficulty: No Bots

  • Mutators: None

  • Match Time: 5 Minutes

  • Joinable by: Name/Password

  • Platform: Steam or PS4

  • Server: US-East/US-West

Teams do not switch sides between games.


In the event that an incorrect ruleset is loaded on the server, the match should be stopped and reset. Previously played maps with incorrect format will not count towards the series.


9.2.3 Substitutions

Substitutions may only be made between maps.


9.2.4 Leaving and Rejoining Teams

Players are not allowed to leave their team and then rejoin to put them on the other side of the map and will be considered cheating.


9.3 Spectators

Spectators, including coaches, are not permitted without previous written permission by High School Esports League staff. Having unauthorized spectators in the server at any point should result in a pause until the spectators are removed from the game.


9.4 Player Disconnect

Should a player disconnect from the game less than 30 seconds into the match or before the shot to make the first goal of the game is taken the game will be restarted. If either of these events have occured, the game will continue.


9.5 Match Reset

The match may only be reset if the server settings are incorrect, or 30 seconds into the game with no goals scored.


9.6 Player Count

All teams must provide 3 players at the scheduled match time. Any team that fails to provide 3 players at the time of their match will receive a forfeit loss.