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HSEL Newsletter 9/5/23


Last week’s newsletter mostly focused on HSEL Premier. This week, we’ll turn our attention to our other levels of competition, the Fall Major and Training Grounds.


HSEL Major Competitions

If you’ve played with us before, then we have good news. Major competitions are what you’re used to, but with a few upgrades:

  • The last week of the season is now exclusively makeup queues at normal match times.

  • Almost all games feature divisional or conference-based play. This means more playoff brackets, more winners, and better playoff match times!

HSEL Training Grounds

  • By popular request, we’re introducing a low-stakes environment for beginners and casual players.

  • Matches will be generated using our queue system, and unlike Majors, players may queue as many times as they like each week!

  • To discourage “sandbagging” or “smurfing”, there will be no playoffs or winners associated with Training Grounds. It is purely for player development.

The preseason is just two weeks away! Registration is now open for all levels of competition.


Upcoming Webinars

Two webinars this week. Tonight’s is for coaches interested in HSEL Premier, and tomorrow we have one for coaches new to HSEL. Both webinars will also be repeated next week. Can’t make it this week? View our upcoming webinars and past recordings here!


Battle Passes

Still need battle passes for the fall season? All school passes including unlimited plans can now be purchased from the competition platform! If your school would prefer an invoice, please reach out to our team.


Additional Competitions

Looking for more competitions? Generation Esports Youth Winner’s Circle is open to anyone ages 13-18 including school teams, and this fall features Overwatch 2 and League of Legends! You can learn more here.


HSEL Street Team

The HSEL Street Team is recruiting! Participating students will immerse themselves in esports culture and play an integral role in shaping the scholastic community. Street Team members will earn exclusive rewards for their participation. Encourage your students to sign up today!


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