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HSEL Newsletter 8/28


Do your students have what it takes to stand amongst the best? This fall, we’re introducing a new top-level competition for our schools: HSEL Premier.

What’s different about HSEL Premier?

  • School teams must qualify for Premier. Qualifiers will happen concurrently with the Fall Major Preseason, utilizing our matchmaking queue system

  • Premier regular season matches will be pre-scheduled at the start of the season, like traditional sports

  • Each Premier regional champion qualifies for HSEL Nationals

  • Teams that attempt but do not qualify for HSEL Premier will automatically be moved to the appropriate HSEL Major competition

HSEL Premier will feature our three most popular games this fall: Rocket League 3v3, VALORANT, and Brawlhalla. Note: HSEL Majors and Training Grounds will also continue to include these games.

Coaches interested in registering for these competitions are strongly encouraged to attend one of our HSEL Premier webinars, hosted on Tuesday evenings. The first one is tomorrow!


Fall Major and Training Grounds

If Premier isn’t right for your students, don’t forget to check out the Fall Major and Fall Training Grounds. Major competitions feature all HSEL games and are designed for both casual and competitive students; while Training Grounds is designed for newer players.


Esports Courses

Generation Esports’ Gaming Concepts uses video games and esports to teach students standards-based skills, including problem-solving, teamwork, and communication. A recent study also found that students enrolled in a Gaming Concepts course had an 8% higher attendance rate over their peers who were not. Could Gaming Concepts help your school?


Battle Passes

Still need battle passes for the fall season? All school passes including unlimited plans can now be purchased from the competition platform! If your school would prefer an invoice, please reach out to our team.


Upcoming Webinars

This week’s webinar schedule also includes professional learning for Gaming Concepts educators. Join us on Tuesday to discover how to effectively utilize the power of Gaming Concepts in your classroom this semester! Register for and view our upcoming webinars here.


Additional Competitions

Looking for more competitions? The Generation Esports Youth Winner’s Circle is open to anyone ages 13-18 including school teams, and this fall features Overwatch 2 and League of Legends! You can learn more here.


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