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Fall Major 2022 Updates #1

The HSEL Fall Major 2022 is finally here! This exciting season runs until 11/17/22 and has a variety of queue times to make competing for scholarships and other great prizes easy. If any of your players need to miss a match, don’t panic— make-up match queues will occur on a Saturday and a Friday in the last two weeks of the season.

If you encounter any issues on match day, please contact our support team by clicking on the help bubble on the bottom right of any page on our platform! This button can connect you to our support team via live chat or help you create a support ticket to start an email correspondence.

Here are some updates to share:

In case you missed it–We have added some new queue times!

Valorant and Rocket League

  • East -- 5:00 pm ET

  • Central -- 5:00 pm CT

  • South -- 5:00 pm CT

  • West -- 5:00 pm MT (4:00 PM PT)

Brawlhalla: 6:00 pm ET

Rainbow 6: 7:00 PM ET (6 CT / 5 MT / 4 PT)

CS:GO: 7:30 PM ET (6:30 CT / 5:30 MT / 4:30 PT)

Optional scrimmage queue times are available for all titles on Fridays! These matches offer a chance to practice without affecting tournament standing. Players can join scrimmage queues from the dashboard just like they would on game days.


League of Legends clarification: Players need to be at least level 10 and have 20 champions unlocked in order to participate. This is a requirement from Riot Games. If a student's account does not meet these requirements, the tournament code will not work for them! See the rules page for more information.


Unlock an exclusive Brawlhalla legend. The first 500 students to complete two Brawlhalla matches and claim the associated quest will receive an in-game code to unlock the legend Ada with her Technomancer skin and both of her unique weapon skins!

League of Legends’s Campus League Unlocked program is now available to all high schools that play LoL on campus! What is "Campus League Unlocked"? When playing League of Legends from an approved campus computer:

  • All champions will be available for selection in games, regardless if the student has unlocked them

  • An extra collection of champion cosmetic skins will be available for selection

  • Playing matchmade games will receive an XP boost

This program is run by Riot Games and Generation Esports can not assist with the fulfillment. Click here to learn more and access the application!


Apparel through BSN Sports: HSEL partnered with BSN Sports to provide high-quality, customized apparel for participating schools. Gear like this helps drive school spirit and makes your students feel more like a real sports team. Click here to get started with BSN Sports!

For a quick rundown on some other league updates, check out this video!


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