High School Partnership  Program

Have your students participate in esports competitions. Earn exclusive HSEL perks that will bring your school into the esports world.

Only $5 per student per month

Premium Tournaments

HSEL Majors Logo.png

Competition becomes painless.

  • Students participate in the highest quality online tournaments.
  • Students gain exclusive entry into the HSEL Major Tournament
  • Every participant is a verified high school student.
  • Students must have a 2.0 or a passing GPA.
  • College scholarships
  • Collegiate scout attention

Lan Events

Hold events without worry.

  • Get school esports events HSEL & Twitch sponsored.
  • Swag and other loot to use in prizing, raffles, or giveaways.
  • 24/7 support for planning and setup.
  • Live stream to the rest of the HSEL community and possibly Twitch front page!

Your students will have more opportunity moving to college by participating!

Twitch.tv Partnership exclusive!


Earn money for your club! The HSEL has an exclusive partnership agreement with Twitch. The schools within our partnership program can get their Twitch channel boosted to the partnership level. This means your school can earn money through subscribers.

***Amazon prime members get one free subscription a month. Have parents use that subscription on your school’s channel, and claim monthly revenue.***

So, What are you waiting for? Be the first to bring esports to your school!

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