The beatmap pool for the 2019 Winter Open can be downloaded here (updated 1 January 2019).

22. osu!

22.1. Anti-Cheat

There is no additional anti-cheat required for official matches.

22.2. Match Procedure

22.2.1. Series Lengths

Matches are played as a best of 9 in the preseason and regular season, best of 11 in the postseason and Open grand finals, and best of 13 for Major/Summer Invitational grand finals.

22.2.2. Game Modes

The following modes are available for play in official matches:

  • NoMod: No mods active

  • Hidden: “Hidden” mod active only

  • HardRock: “HardRock” mod active only

  • DoubleTime: “Double” mod active only

  • FreeMod: “Free Mods” setting turned on. Each player must play with one or more of the following mods active: “Hidden” and “HardRock”

22.2.3. Match Lobby

The match lobby is to be created by the higher seed player with the following settings:

  • Lobby type: osu!

  • Game Name: HSEL - (Player 1) vs (Player 2)

  • Require password to join (password to be decided by the hosting player)

  • Max Players: 2 players

  • Team Mode: Head to Head

  • Win Condition: Score V2

22.2.5. Match Instructions

Beatmaps will be selected or banned from the defined beatmap pool in 22.2.6. When a beatmap is selected, the appropriate mode must be used to play the beatmap as defined in 22.2.2. At no point during the match may players select or ban the tiebreaker beatmap for any other game other than the tiebreaker game. If a game ends in a draw, the beatmap will be replayed or a new one will be selected at the discretion of the player who originally chose the beatmap which was played in the game that ended in a draw.

At the start of the match, each player will use the default “!roll” command once in the “#multiplayer” channel in-game. The player with the highest roll will be treated as Player A and the player with the lowest roll will be treated as player B for the following steps:

  1. Player A selects the first beatmap to play from the beatmap pool.

  2. Player B bans one map from the beatmap pool.

  3. Player A bans one map from the beatmap pool.

  4. Players will then take turns selecting beatmaps from the beatmap pool to be played that have not already been selected or banned.

  5. Players will play the match until a winner has been determined or there is a tie with one game remaining in the match (e.g. 4-4 tie in a best of 9). If there is a tie, then the tiebreaker beatmap will be played under the FreeMod mode.

22.2.6. Beatmap Pool

The beatmap pool for the 2019 Winter Open can be downloaded here.

  • NoMod

    • KOAN Sound & Asa - fuego (sakuraburst remix) (Shiirn) [Liiraye's Another]

    • fourfolium - SAKURA Skip (Doormat) [Press START]

    • nano - A Genesis (Artavia) [Rakuen's Extra]

    • Project Grimoire - Caliburne ~Story of the Legendary sword~ (Mikkuri) [iyasine's Insane]

    • Reol - Minazoko Yuuhodu (Zexous) [Ripples]

    • yak_won - Sewing Machine (ktgster) [Extreme]

  • Hidden

    • Jimmy Weckl - Get Happy (buhei) [MASTER]

    • Pegboard Nerds - Emoji (Marmowka) [Insane]

  • HardRock

    • Porter Robinson - Flicker (Cyllinus) [Alonevpk's Insane]

    • MY FIRST STORY - ALONE (Saut) [Insane]

  • DoubleTime

    • ChomuP - Gate of Steiner (JauiPlaY) [Insane]

    • Hana(Usa) & X-Plorez - Summer time music (Frostmourne) [Insane]

  • FreeMod

    • Ryu* - Sakura Mirage (Avena) [EXHAUST]

    • DJ Ozawa - Tokyo (Innovaderz Remix) (Asphyxia) [N a s y a's Insane]

    • Hatsune Miku - Mythologia's End (val0108) [Myth0108ia]

  • Tiebreaker (FreeMod)

    • Nanahira - Petals (toybot) [Blossom]

22.3. Restrictions

The High School Esports League currently does not place any additional restrictions on HUD skins or controllers for official matches other than those that may be outlined in the general tournament rules.

22.4. Stoppage of Play

At no point during an official match may the game be paused. The game must be restarted in the event before 30 seconds have passed into the beatmap and a player disconnects. Disconnecting after 30 seconds into the beatmap will be considered a loss for that game. Abusing disconnects may result in a player forfeiting the match.

22.5. Player Count

Matches are played as a 1 vs 1, meaning that only one player may participate in the match for either side. No player substitutions may be made at any point during the match.