To provide an organized high school level esports league, in a comfortable environment with healthy competition.  We believe that e-Sports should be available to every student as a legitimate varsity level sport in high schools across the nation.

What the HSEL provides the school:   

  • Ability for students to compete in controlled competition in esports as a school team.

  • Sporting events for the community and families of players to watch their team compete against other schools across North America

  • Education of proper etiquette in competitive environments.


What the school gains from the HSEL:

  • Increased interest in school functions and school spirit.

  • Higher GPA/attendance from participating students through mandatory GPA/attendance requirements.

  • Increased self esteem from students who aren't interested in physical athletics.

  • Brand new sources of revenue through sponsors and advertising from a completely untapped market.

  • Positive exposure from the community and possible national attention.


What students gain from the HSEL

  • New college scholarship opportunities.

  • A sense of involvement not otherwise available at their school.

  • Real, life-long friends.

  • Respect from fellow students.

  • Co-ed interaction in a team setting.


What parents gain from the HSEL

  • Greater sense of pride in their child.

  • A new way of connecting to and supporting their child.

  • A better high school experience for their child.