30. Minecraft Survival Games

30.1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches.

30.2. Match Procedure

30.2.1. Series Lengths

Two matches will be played each week, with scoring outlined in section 30.6 below.  Scores contribute to each player’s score on the leaderboard.

30.2.2. Game Lobby

Participating players will be need to be whitelisted before they will be able to participate on the servers. 

      • Join any of the servers you’re whitelisted on by clicking on one of the four signs

30.3. Restrictions

30.3.1. Texture Mods

The use of Texture Mods is prohibited during play, make sure your textures are using the default settings

30.3.2 Shaders

The Base Shader Mod is the only shader mod acceptable for use in HSEL matches, though it may cause issues with your connection to the server so use it at your own risk. The use of all other shaders is prohibited 

30.3.3 Optifine

Optifine will be allowed as a Client Side Mod.

30.4. Stoppage of Play

30.4.1 Disconnection

  • Server Side Disconnections

If the match experiences a Server Side Disconnection or Server Crash, players on the server will be messaged and the match will be restarted from the beginning of the game. 

  • Player Disconnection

Players disconnecting will result be treated as a death during the match. If the disconnection happened during game 1, the disconnected players will be allowed to join the server for game 2.

30.5 Scoring 

Score for each Survival Games match will go into a season point pool. Points at the end of the regular season will be totaled to determine advancement. 

  • Match Scoring

    • 3 points for attendance

    • 2 points per kill 

    • Top 10 Finish

      • 10th: 1 point

      • 9th: 2 points

      • 8th: 3 points

      • 7th: 4 points

      • 6th: 5 points

      • 5th: 7 points

      • 4th: 9 points

      • 3rd: 11 points

      • 2nd: 13 points

      • 1st: 15 points

30.6 Player Count

Matches are to be played solo, meaning players will not be paired with other players on their team. No player substitutions may be made at any point during the match.