HSEL Internship Application

The HSEL is looking to bring more individuals onto its team who have a passion for Esports and want to help us accomplish our task of bringing Esports to every high school in America. While the internship is unpaid, it will provide you extremely valuable experience on the management side of Esports and pave your way for a successful future in the industry. Applications are reviewed at the beginning of each month.


  • Patience and calm temperament

  • Ability to devote time and effort into accomplishing tasks


  • Provide customer support both in our Discord communities and over our online support chat service

  • Provide basic tournament administration for rule clarifications, match disputes, and technical support

  • Work with HSEL staff members to develop new projects and features for the HSEL


  • Esports tournament organization and community management experience

  • Opportunity to advance in your employment with the HSEL

  • Letter of recommendation written by one of HSEL’s staff members for those who provide exemplary service