12 Injustice 2

12.1 Anti-Cheat

There is no additional anti-cheat required for High School Esports League matches.


12.2 Match Procedure

All preseason, regular season, and postseason matches are Best of Five, with a Best of Seven for Grand Finals.


12.2.1 Game Settings

All matches should be set up with the following settings:

  • Rounds: Best of 5 (First to 3)

  • Timer: 240

  • Stage Select: Random

  • Interactables: On


12.2.2 Side Selection

The high seed will have the first pick of starting side.


12.2.3 Character Selection

Characters are selected at the beginning of the match. If a player wins a round, they must use the same character again. The losing player may elect to choose characters for the following round if they so choose.


12.3.4 Stage Rotation

Players may select the stage of their choice. Injustice 2 will randomly choose the stage between the alternate choices.


12.3 Stoppage of Play

Pausing the match at any point in the match by intentionally, or unintentionally pressing the start button or unplugging his/her controller will result in the pausing player to forfeit the round. In the event of a common “Game Session has Ended” disconnect, the best of 5 series will restart.


12.3.1 Stalling

Excessive stalling or delaying of a game can result in the forfeit of the round or game.


12.4 Hardware

All standard fight sticks and controllers are permitted. All controllers with macro functions are strictly prohibited.


12.5 Player Count

Matches are played as 1 vs 1, meaning that only one player may participate in the match for either side.