After School Partnership Program

Partner with the High School Esports League to earn exclusive benefits for your school and to participate in our national tournaments.

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Partner Perks


  • Compete against other schools in your region
  • Battle your way up the leaderboard
  • Monitored by our pro and college recruiters
  • Prize pools will include scholarships
Our Tournaments

LAN Parties

  • Receive free swag packs to give out
  • Event planning assistance
  • One sponsored LAN a semester

Varsity Esports

  • Our club management, competition, and stat hub for student athletes
  • Streamlines club management and tournament entry
  • Earn EXP and Varsity Points for completing tasks, all while building an esports resumé
Varsity Esports


  • Our peripherals partners supplying high end peripherals for our participants
  • Supplies peripherals for the 3 year program deals
3 Year Program


  • Our hardware partners supplying high end computers for our participants
  • Supplies computers for the 3 year program deals
3 Year Program


  • Helped to create and distribute the esports curriculum for all student gamers and schools
Educator Hub

Kontrol Freek

  • Provides discounts and prizing for our participants
  • Supplied $300 of scholarship money or a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PS4 for the winners of our Summer Open 2019.
Kontrol Freek


  • Supplied esports computer labs for the winners of our Summer Invitational 2019.
  • Supplied peripherals for the winners of our 2019 Fall and Spring Majors
  • Gave out peripherals for our social media giveaway


  • Discounts on gaming desks and chairs for our participants
  • Supplied prizing for social media giveaways

Why Esports?

The HSEL brings seamless, easy, and rewarding esports competition to your school. We educate high schools about the fundamental ingredients to a program’s success. We aim to ensure your club is maximizing its potential and reaching every student possible. 


Esports encourages communication and coordination amongst student athletes. By playing games, students are able to deepen their levels of interaction and communicate more effectively, readying them for later life.


The HSEL offers scholarships to help students pay for college. Nowadays, colleges offer esports programs for students, which creates a new viable path to college for those who may never have considered obtaining a higher education.


Esports is a booming industry. Many job opportunities besides being a pro player are being created. Esports teaches participants many relevant skills, such as streaming, production, programming, and management.

Start a Team

For step-by-step instructions to register your team on Varsity Esports, check out our guide in the help center.

#1 Find a teacher who will be able to help you manage your team and schedule meetings.

Many teachers already mentor clubs (such as robotics, gaming, anime, etc.) and they can be a great resource to reach out to for starting your team. If you can’t find a teacher willing to help, reach out to a school activities member for direction.

#2 Find interested students to join the team.

Get the word out about your team with posters or flyers, or talk to other students about the team during club day at your school. Remember that a team with all types of members is important–it isn’t necessary to love games to play esports.

#3 Develop a plan with your teacher advisor.

Work together to plan out meetings days and times, and to finalize any paperwork your school may need to make your team official. Start the HSEL partnership application.

#4 Reach out to interested students about the finalized team meeting days and times.

We suggest creating an email list with emails from each student to keep in touch. Make a Discord, Facebook Group, or Twitter to streamline communciation. Plan out some topics for the first meetings to keep things on track. Your teacher advisor can help with this.

#5 Contact interested students and host your first team meeting.

Once your club is up and running, you can start delegating leadership and working on team building activities. We suggest meeting multiple times a week for practice and to improve teamwork.

#6 Get partnered with HSEL!

Join now to enjoy all of our exclusive perks and benefits! Participate in national tournaments and win prizes.

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Starter Packet

Fund Your Esports Program

Raise money for your esports program through funding platforms and STEM grants.

Once your campus makes the decision to embrace esports and leverage its benefits for your students, the next question is how to structure and fund your program. Some campuses engage in esports clubs, others implement esports through their gaming schools as part of their CTE programs. Either way, the question of funding will arise.

STEM Grants

One relatively quick way to implement esports is by writing for STEM grants to fund curriculum and equipment. These grant and other resources may be of interest to your campus.

If you need assistance writing these grants, contact our go-to grant writer, Dr. Leslie Bender Jutzi, and send us a note to let us know about the success of your program.


High School Esports League has partnered with FundMyTeam to provide an easy, hands-off fundraising service for esports programs.

FundMyTeam Captains run your entire funding campaign for you! They will contact donors and local sponsors through texts, emails, social media, thank-you notes and tax-deductible donor receipts through 25-day online hands-off fundraising campaigns. Net funds go directly and immediately to your account; there's no need to wait until your campaign ends.

FundMyTeam is $0 up-front with a 12.1% fee on funds raised. Save money with a FundMyTeam Annual Subscription, which has no fees on funds raised over $1,980.

90% of campaigns succeed and all data is 100% COPPA Law compliant. There's zero-email retention and all net funds are 100% secure in your account.


Our Schools


Want Esports Taught at Your School?

High School Esports League is giving educators access to a comprehensive, semester-long curriculum called Gaming Concepts.

Developed by Dr. Kristy Custer and Mr. Michael Russell, HSEL partnered educators, Gaming Concepts teaches college- and career-ready skills and social-emotional learning -- all through the lens of video games and esports! By harnessing students’ passion for games and bringing it into the classroom, Gaming Concepts improves academic performance and attendance, all while equipping high school students with the life skills they’ll need to ace college and beyond.

Piloted in 2018, Gaming Concepts has already made a huge impact, improving overall GPA and attendance for students who took the course.

Gaming Concepts is a turnkey curriculum available 100% for free to any educators interested in implementing it. The full course book, available to download as a PDF, includes instructions on how to secure approval from your administration and school board, and peer reviewed notes from Wichita State University.

Preview the course on the Microsoft Educator Community, or download the full course today:

Need help? Get in touch and we’ll help you get Gaming Concepts up and running for your students:


High School Partnership Starter Packet