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The High School Esports Partnership Program is a partnership between the HSEL and your school to bring it exclusive perks. This includes but is not limited to Premium Tournaments, Sponsored LAN Parties, broadcasting incentives and much more.

What is the Partnership Program?

If you are a student, you will need to find a teacher or administrator to sponsor your club and handle the application process.

If you are the esports club/team sponsor, the application is a short 3 step process.

    1. Initial Application.

Register your club with Varsity Esports here. Once your registration is approved, start editing your club’s profile information and payment settings. Registration of your club is FREE.

    2. Connect your students

Invite students via email to join your club page. Under the members tab in your dashboard, type in your student's email address and an invite email will be sent to their email. The student will be prompted to make a student Varsity Esports account, and they will then be linked to the club.

    3. Payment

Clubs have two options for payment. They can either pay for their students subscription, or delegate the students to cover their own charges. If a club opts to pay for their students, payment information will be taken. If a club delegates the payment to their students, students will enter payment information upon joining.

How do I apply?

There are multiple options for pricing. Please visit the following page for pricing info.

How much does it cost?

The Partnership Handbook details everything there is to know about the HSEL Partnership Program. It includes steps on setting up clubs, hosting meetings, club marketing, and also stipulations and regulations about participating in the Partnership Program. You can get a digital copy of the handbook to download here.

What is the Partnership Handbook?

There are may perks, and the list is growing constantly. Currently we are offering:

Premium Tournaments

The struggle with participating in free unsanctioned tournaments is that there is a lot of apathy from participants. Through working with schools and having low cost partnership entry, high school esports tournaments will experience a sharp increase in participation. This league will also be closely monitored by our pro and college recruiters. Prize pools will include scholarships as well as gamer swag.

LAN Parties

The HSEL will outfit partnered schools with Swag Packs to distribute at live events they choose to host. Partners will get to host one LAN party per semester that will be outfitted by the HSEL. That’s two per year!

And more! Check out this page for more details:

What are all the perks of Joining the Partnership Program?

The program began in the Fall of 2017.

When did this program roll out?

The program may be paid for by either the school or the individual students.

The HSEL thinks it is best that schools are investing in their esports programs, however, we do not want to exclude clubs that may not be funded yet.

The price point is set so that students can shoulder the entry into the partnership program themselves. They can do this through fundraising or by paying the cost individually.

Who pays for the partnership program?

If a member is wanting to take advantage of the High School Partnership Program, they have to be a paying member, whether it be paid by the school or themselves. Only paid members will be able to take advantage of Premium Tournaments, recruiter attention, scholarship consideration, and Varsity Esports discounts.

Non-paying members are still allowed to participate in clubs affairs, but won't be able to take advantage of these perks. Non-paying students are allowed to participate in LAN parties and we encourage students who aren't involved in the club at all to attend.

Do all club members have to pay for their spot?

No, anyone can attend LAN parties. It is up to the club and administration on how they want to handle their LAN events. LAN events are a great opportunity to market your club to other students at your school as well as incoming high school students.

Can only paying members attend HSEL outfitted LAN parties?

Yes, although this number is judged on a case by case basis. We do not want to discourage smaller schools from joining our program. You need a minimum of 5 students to be a team, but we feel that 10 is a better number to ensure your team has enough players for every match. There is no maximum number of students on a team. Several clubs have 25-50 students.

Is there a club size minimum?

Can clubs have more than one team per game?

Yes your club can have as many teams as they want playing in a game.