Fund Your Esports Program

Raise money for your esports program through funding platforms and STEM grants.

Once your campus makes the decision to embrace esports and leverage its benefits for your students, the next question is how to structure and fund your program. Some campuses engage in esports clubs, others implement esports through their gaming schools as part of their CTE programs. Either way, the question of funding will arise.

STEM Grants

One relatively quick way to implement esports is by writing for STEM grants to fund curriculum and equipment. These grant and other resources may be of interest to your campus.

If you need assistance writing these grants, contact our go-to grant writer, Dr. Leslie Bender Jutzi, and send us a note to let us know about the success of your program.


High School Esports League has partnered with FundMyTeam to provide an easy, hands-off fundraising service for esports programs.

FundMyTeam Captains run your entire funding campaign for you! They will contact donors and local sponsors through texts, emails, social media, thank-you notes and tax-deductible donor receipts through 25-day online hands-off fundraising campaigns. Net funds go directly and immediately to your account; there's no need to wait until your campaign ends.

FundMyTeam is $0 up-front with a 12.1% fee on funds raised. Save money with a FundMyTeam Annual Subscription, which has no fees on funds raised over $1,980.

90% of campaigns succeed and all data is 100% COPPA Law compliant. There's zero-email retention and all net funds are 100% secure in your account.