19. Fortnite

19.1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches.

19.2. Match Procedure

19.2.1. Discipline

Disciplines offered by the High School Esports League are as follows:

  • “Solos” - Solo in a duo queue. Both players will queue up together as a duo in the same match.

  • “Duos” - Duos in a squad queue. Both pairs of players will queue up together as a squad in the same match.

19.2.2. Series Lengths

Series lengths are defined in 19.2.5. for the discipline specified.

19.2.3. Match Format

The higher seed will create the match lobby. Players are encouraged to document proof of their match to aid in any potential match disputes.

Players should have their matchmaking region set on automatic. The higher seed player/team will invite the lower seed player/team to a lobby which is set to the appropriate game mode: Duos for the “Solos” discipline, Squads for the “Duos” discipline. In the event that an incorrect game mode is used, the match must be stopped and reset. Previously played games with incorrect formats will not count towards the series. Players will play until the game ends (as defined below), and the winner will be determined based on the win condition for the discipline specified in 19.2.5.

A game ends when both players are no longer standing (as defined in 19.2.4) or the Victory Royale screen appears.

Players may still score eliminations after they are no longer standing (traps, grenades, etc.). Any eliminations that occur after the game ends will not count towards a players’ score.

19.2.4. Standing Player Definition

A player is considered standing if they are not downed or eliminated. Thus, if a player is downed or eliminated, they are considered not standing.

19.2.5. Win Condition Solos

Matches are played as a best of 3 in the preseason and regular season, best of 5 in the postseason and Open grand finals, and best of 7 for Major/Summer Invitational grand finals. The player who has the most eliminations will win the game. If both players have the same amount of eliminations at the end of a game then the last player standing will win the game. In the event where both players have the same number of eliminations and are standing until the same time, the player who got the last elimination will win the game. Any further ties will result in the replay of the game in question. Duos

One match will be played, consisting of 2 games, the team with the most combined eliminations at the end of the 2 games win the match. In the event after 2 games where both teams have the same combined number of eliminations, a third match will be played as a tiebreaker. Further ties will result in additional games until one team has the higher combined elimination count.

19.3. Restrictions

19.3.1. Cosmetics, Vehicles, and Items

Any gliders/umbrellas, outfits, harvesting tools, back blings, contrails, loading screens, emotes, vehicles, or items that are currently disabled in public queues are prohibited from use for as long as they remain disabled in those queues.

19.3.2. Game Modes

Only the normal game modes are permitted to be played in official matches. Limited time game modes are prohibited from play in official matches.

19.3.3. Working Together and Sabotage

Players may work together when playing. They also may kill steal, loot steal and follow each other around but are NOT allowed to destroy chests that the opposing player is actively going for or build a wall that intentionally blocks your opponent from getting loot. Intentionally blocking your opponent's shots/travel or loot acquisition when not on a structure built by you is forbidden. Players are not allowed to cause the death, injury, or sabotage of the opposing player. This includes but is not limited to: intentionally destroying/damaging their built structures/cover, making them fall, purposely hitting them with boogie bombs or impulse grenades, or causing an interruption of healing. Shooting at or around your opponent in a manor to draw attention to your opponent is forbidden. To avoid any potential sabotage, stay away from your opponents.

19.4. Stoppage of Play

In the event that a player drops from the server during a game that player will no longer be considered standing and the game will continue until completion unless both players agree to a redo. In the event that a player drops from the server before any players are able to eject from the Battle Bus, the game must be redone. Abusing disconnects may result in a player forfeiting the match.

19.5. Player Count

“Solos” matches are played as a 1 vs 1, meaning that only one player may participate in the match for either side. No player substitutions may be made at any point during the match. “Duos” matches are played are played as a 2 vs 2. No player substitutions may be made at any point during the match.