27. FIFA 20

27.1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches.

27.2. Match Procedure

27.2.1. Series Lengths

Matches are played as a best of 1 in the preseason and regular season, best of 3 in the postseason and best of 5 in all grand finals.

27.2.2. Game Lobby

Prior to the match, players should add each other as friends on their Consoles. The higher seed will create the lobby.

The following settings are to be used in official matches:

  • Mode: FIFA Ultimate Team Friendly Season

  • Difficulty: World Class

  • Half Length: 6min

  • Stadium Settings

    • Stadium FEWC Stadium

    • Season: Fall/Autumn

    • Time of Day: Night

    • Pitch Wear: None

  • HUD: Player Name & Indicator

  • Player Indicator: Player Name

  • Time/Score Display: On

  • Radar: 2D

  • Gamertag Indicator: Off

  • Scrolling Line Ups: Off

  • Commentary Volume: 0

  • Stadium Ambience: 8

  • Music Volume: 0

27.3. Restrictions

27.3.1. Training items/consumables

The use of training items and consumables during matches are prohibited

27.3.2 pause spamming

Pausing of the match during play or the use of a pause glitch is prohibited and can result in a loss/forfeit of the match.

27.3.3 camera settings

The following Single Player Camera settings are prohibited during matches

  • Pro

  • End to End

  • Dynamic

27.4. Stoppage of Play

27.4.1 Disconnection

A match can be reset if a player disconnects from a match as long as the following criteria are met.

  • The disconnection happens in the first 3 minuets of the first half

  • Neither player has scored a goal

  • The player has not disconnected previously during the match

Any other Disconnections or multiple disconnections will count as a loss for the disconnected player. Disconnections while a player would otherwise have scored may result in a loss for the disconnecting player.

27.5. Player Count

Matches are played as 1 versus 1, meaning that only one player may participate in the match for either side. No player substitutions may be made at any point during the match.