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What you should know about esports.

  • 2019 represents the first year that the esports industry will break $1bn in revenue, with no signs of slowing.

  • In 2018, 380 million people watched competitive esports from across the globe.

  • There is $15 million in esports scholarships being offered by nearly 200 accredited colleges across the nation.

  • Esports represents an additional way to expose students to the benefits of competitive sports including team building, leadership skills, sense of community, confidence, and self-respect.

What you should know about HSEL.

  • Our accredited programs gives your school access to state and federal grants, along with other funding opportunities to that can cover your HSEL costs.

  • Participating schools have seen an average increase of their students’ GPA of 1.4 points.

  • In addition to increased GPA, participating schools have reported an average boost in attendance by up to 95%.

  • We have the largest league in the nation, with more than 1,700 schools and 45,000 students.

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