5 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

5.1 Anti-Cheat

The usage of EasyAntiCheat (Easy™ eSports) is required for all official matches taking place on servers owned by the High School Esports League. For servers not owned by the High School Esports League, no additional anti-cheat is required.


5.2 Match Procedure

Matches are played as a Best of One in the preseason and regular season, Best of Three in the postseason.


A server owned by the High School Esports League may be provided for an official match. Server region and maps played must be determined in advance to the match and relayed to the High School Esports League administrator overseeing the server assignment. If a server owned by the High School Esports League is not provided, a PopFlash server must be used. The higher seed will create the PopFlash lobby.


5.2.1 Popflash Server Settings

All servers that are used to play official matches which are not owned by the High School Esports League are to be hosted on PopFlash.site with the following settings:

  • Location: To be determined by team captains before the match begins in accordance with rule

  • Map: To be determined by map veto as stated in the sub rules of 5.2.2.  

No servers other than those hosted on PopFlash.site are to be used without prior written consent from High School Esports League administration.


5.2.2 Map Veto

Maps which are available for draft are stated in 5.2.3. Best of One

The higher seed will have the ability to choose who starts the veto. Teams will take turns banning until there is a single map left (3 bans each). Best of Three

The higher seed will have the ability to choose who starts the veto and act as Team 1, with the second banning team acting as Team 2. Teams will take turns and will pick/ban in the following format:

  • Team 1 bans a map

  • Team 2 bans a map

  • Team 1 picks the first map

  • Team 2 picks the second map

  • Team 1 bans a map

  • Team 2 bans a map

  • The remaining map will be map 3


5.2.3 Map Pool

The following maps are permitted for play in official matches:

  • Dust 2

  • Cache

  • Inferno

  • Mirage

  • Nuke

  • Overpass

  • Train


5.2.4 Overtime Best of One

All matches played in the Best of One format will be played with no overtime (i.e. matches can tie 15-15). Best of Three

All matches played in the Best of Three format will be played with overtime in the following format:

  • MR3 (Three round halves, win at 4 points in overtime)

  • 10000 starting money


5.2.5 Match Disruption

If a match is disrupted (e.g. a server crash) within the first 4 rounds of a match, then the match should be restarted. If the match is disrupted after the initial 4 rounds the match should continue where it left off, with the following changes made to the configuration:

  • 5500 starting money

  • The remaining rounds unplayed should be played

If backup files are available they should be used to resume the match.


5.3 In Game Names and Tags

Player’s in game names must match their registered Varsity Esports name. In game name group and weapon name tags must follow the guidelines for names as stated in 2.7.3


5.4 Player Settings

5.4.1 Configuration / Start Parameters

The following commands are not allowed:

  • mat_hdr_enabled

The following start parameters are not allowed:

  • +mat_hdr_enabled 0/1

  • +mat_hdr_leven 0/1/2

All other configuration changes are allowed as long as they do not give the player or their team an unfair advantage in the match. If three or more players of the same team are found with forbidden settings their team will forfeit the match. Admins may decide under special circumstances to give a forfeit to a team even if they have less than 3 players with forbidden configurations.


5.4.2 Scripts

The majority of scripts are not permitted except for buy, toggle, and demo scripts. The following scripts are prohibited for use including but not limited to:

  • Anti-flash

  • Bhop, or bunnyhop

  • Burst Fire

  • Center View

  • FPS

  • Jumpthrow

  • No Recoil

  • RateChanger

  • Stop shoot

  • Stop sound

  • Tooltips

If you are unsure on whether or not a script is allowed or not, contact an admin team before playing an official match. A player can be penalized for scripts in any config file regardless if it is used or not.


5.4.3 VR Audio

Programs that simulate audio in 3D space, such as A3D, are not permitted. The use of such programs will be considered cheating.


5.4.4 Graphics Drivers or Similar

Any modification or change to the game done using outside graphics solutions are not permitted and may be considered cheating. Overlays that display system performance (outside of the ones built into the game) are forbidden.


5.4.5 Custom Data

Only official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins may be used in game. Any skin, sprite, GUI, crosshairs, and models downloaded by a third party are not allowed. Crosshairs may only be edited with the cvars in the game.


5.5 Pauses

5.5.1 Technical Pause

If a player has a problem that prevents them from playing they may use the pause function to pause the game at the next available freeze time. When pausing teams must announce that it is a technical pause, why the pause was called, and approximately how long the pause will take either immediately before, or after using the pause command. If no reason is given it can be assumed that the pause is instead a tactical pause. Both teams are prohibited from having any tactical conversations during a technical pause.


5.5.2 Tactical Pause

Each team is allowed 4 tactical pauses of 30 seconds each per game. When pausing teams must announce that it is a tactical pause immediately before, or after using the pause command. If no reason is given, or the 30 seconds has expired the opponent may unpause the game and continue playing. If a team exceeds their 30 second limit by more than 5 seconds it will count as using a second tactical pause.


5.5.3 Admin Pauses

A High School Esports League administrator can pause the game from their station at any time as seen necessary.


5.5.4 Pause Communication

During a pause, headsets must stay on unless instructed otherwise by an admin. Any form of communication among a team is only permitted during a tactical pause.


5.6 Fair Connection Rule

The difference between each team’s average pings can be no greater than 40 milliseconds. Pings must be confirmed by connecting to the agreed upon server and not through 3rd party software. Loss and Choke are not considered valid reasons to change server locations. If the difference in ping is too high, either team may request a server location change or match restart within the first 5 rounds of the match. If teams fail to find a server that falls into the Fair Connection Rule, players should play on the closest option.


5.7 Player Count

All matches must be played with 5 players. Any team that fails to provide 5 players at the time of their match will receive a forfeit loss.


5.8 Player Disconnects

If a player drops before the first kill of the round the round will be restarted if possible. If a player drops after the first kill of the match the game will be paused in the next freeze time.


5.8 Spectators

Spectators, including coaches, are not permitted without previous written permission by the High School Esports League staff. Having unauthorized spectators in the server at any point should result in a pause until the spectators are removed from the game.


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