It is the mission of the HSEL Board of Directors to provide students with as many opportunities as possible through scholastic esports. The Board was established to ensure all decisions impacting the HSEL and MSEL communities are made by a diverse group of individuals with extensive backgrounds in education and esports, who will keep students and educators in mind. The HSEL Board of Directors is composed of 12 individuals with a combined total of 52 years of experience in education and over 40 years of experience in esports.


Mason Mullenioux


Mason co-Founded the High School Esports League in 2012 and has served as its CEO through multiple growth stages, including a tech platform build-out. With over 10 years of esports experience, Mason has always set his north star on always putting students and their esports communities first. Mason is currently focusing on expanding Generation Esports (the tech that powers the leagues) to service Middle School, and Collegiate with the goal of building a pipeline through a students scholastic esports career.

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Neal Doolin, M.ED.


Neal spent eight years teaching all levels of mathematics from Intervention Algebra through AP Calculus BC as well as General Physics at Blue Valley Southwest High (BVSW) in Overland Park, KS. Neal founded BVSW Esports in 2018 and was the head coach for three years. Neal was fortunate to be selected as the 2018 BVSW Teacher of the Year, 2019 BVSW Master Teacher of the Year, and for a 2020 University of Kansas Wolfe Family Teaching Award.

Dr. Kristy Custer


Dr. Custer served as a public school educator for 24 years. For the past 12 years, she has been an administrator for at-risk students, leading her school to two National School of Character awards as well as the National Dropout Prevention Crystal Star Award. Dr. Custer has written several nationally and internationally recognized curriculum including a social emotional learning guide, 186 Days of Character, and a full-credit secondary course for esports, Gaming Concepts. As the 2018 Kansas Principal of the Year, Dr. Custer is often asked to serve on educational committees that write innovative policy guidelines for educators and students.

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Beau Hughes


Beau started his journey with esports as a student seeking an outlet for himself and his gaming community and thus leading to his establishment of an esports club within his high school on the HSEL platform. Beau was a major player in the early years, from establishing some of the first organized tournaments on the platform to building the HSEL community to well over 5,000+ schools. Hired on in 2017, Beau now serves as the Director of Tournament Operations where he establishes, manages and develops tournaments for the HSEL community. Beau's main objective is to create an inclusive space for kids to be themselves, find community and thrive in an environment they can call their own.


Tyler Weis


Tyler has been a software engineer since 2015 in various sectors and brought his expertise to Generation Esports in 2020. He has been integral to several major GenE platform improvements and updates and has loved seeing the growth HSEL has experienced. He strives to create an equal, inclusive, and competitive experience for high school and beyond.

Nehemiah Igbadumhe-Odior


Nehemiah has spent the last 10 years involved in esports. He leveraged his love of gaming into a career in the world of tech and digital strategy. As a former Google employee, Nehemiah has provided insights across multiple businesses and overseen large scale overhauls of digital presences for companies across the nation. While working for Generation Esports, Nehemiah focused on building out esports labs in underserved communities and developing key partnerships with companies like Intel, ASUS, AMD and many more. Currently, Nehemiah is the Lead Esports Partnerships Manager for the Golden State Warriors.

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Meredith Wilcox


Meredith has a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and spent the last 7 years involved in social media development. Her first introduction to esports was through the platform fighter Smash Brawl. More recently, her interests have shifted into games like League of Legends, where she researched decision making fatigue on players and the effects of toxicity on young gamers. Having an understanding of both the gaming community and psychology of behavior, Meredith is able to create and promote content effectively across multiple platforms, and was once a prominent figure for League of Legends TikTok content.

Billy Howard


Billy Howard is the Collegiate Lead for Generation Esports, and serves on the board to ensure HSEL is preparing their student athletes for college esports and beyond. Prior to coming to Kansas City to work for Generation Esports, Billy was a seasoned veteran in the college scene, working as a coach at the University of Northern Iowa (2014-2017), University of North Georgia (2017-2018), Arizona State University (2018-2019), and Hawkeye Community College (2019-2021). Along the way, he collected 50 playoff appearances, 9 tournament victories, including 2 national championships in Overwatch and Rainbow 6 Siege.

Billy's focus and passion is student and community driven. With a heavy emphasis on creating resources to provide a solid infrastructure in higher ed, he hopes to continue creating opportunities for students to get an education through their talents and passion behind the screen.


Nevin Horne


Nevin Horne joined Generation Esports in 2021. Nevin is currently the Tournament Manager for HSEL and MSEL. Before joining GenE, Nevin was heavily involved in organizing tournaments for the Overwatch community. Most notably, Nevin organized GitGud for Elo Hell Esports, the largest grassroots Overwatch tournament with over 250 participating teams.