The Six Invitational and the impact it leaves on HSEL

Harrison Wladis

A couple weeks ago I made the article “The importance of the Rainbow Six Siege invitational for HSEL”. In it I explained why more people should watch the Rainbow Six stream on the upcoming season. Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first person shooter where teams play in rounds of 3 and a half to 3 minutes in order to defeat the terrorist or hold off the counter terrorist. The game is up to 5-9 rounds and the team with majority amount of rounds won win. You can win by killing the entire opposing team, defusing the bomb, stopping the bomb from being defused, and so on and so forth for the different game modes in the game. This Sunday was not only the grand final, to see who the best team in Rainbow Six Siege is, but it was also the announcements for the new operators and changes coming to the game in the next season and near future. The biggest announcement was the new map and operators being added to the game. The first operator, Gridlock, is a attacker who lays drops to stop flanks or to deny an area. Her gadget is put on the ground and drops about 10 spike traps, these slow enemies, make a noise, and do ten damage when stepped on. The second operator is called Mozzie, Mozzie has a gadget that can be replaced or shot and captures enemy drones (this include twitch drones). When he gets a drone he can control it the same way attackers could and his teammates can also view the drone. Only Mozzie can control the drone but his teammates can use them for callouts. When new operators join the game there is usually a meta switch, something that would clearly affect HSEL games as players need to adjust to the best situation to win. Along with the new operators comes a new map. The new map, called Outback, is a mix between Oregon and Clubhouse and consists of three different buildings made into one. Once in the game the map will have a casual discovery mode so players can play it right away and not have to hope they get it in a casual game. This allows the community to quickly learn the map before entering into ranked where they will need to know it in order for a good chance at winning. It is unclear if the map will be added to HSEL as it would first need to be added to Pro League and only time will time if the pros and community like it. The things that really mixes up the game are not the new operators but are the changes made to current operators. Some operators got little nerfs and buffs. For example, Dokkaebi’s call now shuts off after 18 seconds (instead of going on infinitely like it used to), also if you step into a mute jammer the call will end instantly. This is not only a buff to Mute but is also nerfs Dokkaebi who is seen as annoying as the continuous sound from your phone distracts the player being called and gives away their location. Capitao also got a tweak with his fire bolt doing less damage but spreading over a large surface. This was added to stop a bug where someone could be killed through a wall with his fire bolt. The change also gives Capitao his main purpose of area denial, instead of players using him as a fragger (using the fire bolt basically as a grenade). These are two of the medium sized updates that will help shape R6 for the future but these were not the big hitters of the events. The biggest operator change came to Lion. Lion is known as one of the most hated players in Rainbow Six Siege. His gadget was a global ability that gave away the location of someone if they moved. First it was moving forced the red outline of the body to stay but then a patch made it so when one stopped moving it went away. The ability lasted for a decent amount of time and caused huge issues in the community, even leading to tournaments and organizations like Pro League and HSEL to permanently ban the operator. At yesterday's event the operator was changed so that it is now a red ping, not an outline of the whole body, that shows the location of the character and lasts for only two seconds instead of about 7. This is not only a great way to get Lion back into the meta but it also could lead to him being unbanned in certain tournaments. If Lion was brought back into HSEL it would be great for people to have more options and think of some new and clever ways to win. The other operator who had a massive switch in role was Glaz. Glaz is the only true sniper in the game and was seen as overpowered with the ability to use a thermal scope through smokes. He is gonna be changed so that he can only see through smokes and use thermal vision when not moving. The developers wanted him to be a true sniper instead of just running in and get kills. This should force him to find a spot and watch an angle instead of rushing for kills and being a fragger instead of someone to hold angles. All of these changes, big and small, will have a major impact on Rainbow Six Siege and HSEL. With the addition of new operators and current operators being tweaked the meta will shift and this forces players to change the way they play in order to have the best chance of winning. The Lion and Glaz changes may not be released for a few more months but they are coming and soon the impact will strike the league. In the article I wrote a couple weeks ago I explained the importance of the Initational for players and fans as what they announce really changes the way we play and how we will play for years to come. Whether it is things like the newcomers playlists that will get players more prepared for ranked and better skilled at the game, or the operators released and fixed, all of the information we receive is important and will (hopefully) make Rainbow Six Siege better for the next few months until more changes come and mix things up all over again.