New hero to match Ana

George(Colonel)Fakes Reese Handley

Overwatch heroes are only made every so often each year; as blizzard tries to keep Overwatch competitive. They have to think of balancing but not on the level of League of Legends or Smite. Where in Smite and League of Legends there is little over 100 characters for both games. As Overwatch only has 30 heroes, the new hero Baptiste has brought on to fill for the healer role. A healer is usually known for just sitting behind everyone and keeping everyone alive during a team fight; since they’re too weak to hold themselves. Often healers don’t necessarily heal themselves,but his regenerative burst heals himself and allies. Much like how Soldier 76’s heal works, except it applies to the heros that are in the area the moment it is used. Baptiste has very high offensive abilities such as his main weapon. Baptiste’s main weapon is Biotic Launcher, it has a 3 round hitscan burst. It rewards people for having good aim and aiming for recoil on his weapon; much like McCree. George (Colonel) Fakes interviewed a few high profile coaches in HSEL.

-Austin (Craw) Crawford (3.8k player/coach)

G:Which of his abilities are the most over powered, and why?

A:His strongest ability is his immortality field by far. Any invincibility ability in Overwatch is strong, especially if it can apply to multiple people, and if its a regular cooldown. Though when it is activated there is a disc that appears, once destroyed, the immortality field is cancelled. In order for Baptiste to be most effective, it seems that you'll want to use your invincibility field to save someone on your team once they get low and look like they are going to die. By doing this, the enemy team then has to focus on destroying your floating disc, and your saved teammate can heal up and survive.

G:Do you think there is anyone that specifically counters him, or that he counters?

A:Right now it looks like the best counter to Baptiste are slower compositions, ones that poke the enemy team down, heroes like Widowmaker, Pharah, Hanzo, would be effective. The reason for this is so that you can poke the enemy team down until Baptiste is forced to use his immortality field. Once used your tanks can start playing a little more aggressive, but still play slow like your composition was designed. It is still important to play slow because that's how poke compositions work best. By rushing in with a poke composition, the enemy team can capitalize on your mistakes.

G:Do you think he is going to be game changing or will be in the meta!

A:Hard to tell at this point if he will be a meta pick or not. So many balance changes were made on the PTR affecting the GOATS composition, that we have no idea what the meta shift is going to be. There are many unanswered questions. "Is GOATS finally dead?", "Is dive back?". Once the current PTR patch hits live, there is no telling what the meta will be. Obviously it looks like Baptiste works better with deathbally compositions, and we have no idea how viable those will be when the live servers are updated. Based off of his kit alone, he does seem very strong, just impossible to predict with all these changes to other heroes.

Interviewing Adam (Alias) Dommert (4k Off tank player) G:Do you think Baptiste will have a large effect on a shift of the meta? A:Yes I do, the reason being is his one of his abilities causes invincibility, which is very different than the other abilities in the game! I think that personally he can help or hurt goats, because he DOES have an AOE shift which does healing, but his ultimate and drone do counter many of the ults that are relied upon in GOATs.

G:Which of his abilities are the most over powered, and why? A:His invincibility drone, because in a game where you save up ultimates to win a fight and combo with each other, a cooldown ability which can completely counter this will not be good for the later development of the game.

G:Do you think there is anyone that specifically counters him, or that he counters? A:I think one character he counters is zarya, for when she uses her ultimate it brings many characters into one area, but his drone completely negates all damage and become unaffected by any burst damage, and with his AOE and shift ability will help heal within the grav due to its controlled group healing!

G:Do you think he is going to be game changing or will be in the new meta! A:I think that he will be useful, but not someone who controls the meta! He will be very strong on specific maps like Kings row and other enclosed maps, for his ultimate and other abilities will be much more effective in close combat and enclosed areas!