The importance of the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational for HSEL

Harrison Wladis February 3rd, 2019 The importance of the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational for HSEL

On Friday, February 15th, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will be hosting their yearly Esports tournament to decide who the best team in Pro League is. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a first person shooting where teams of five face off against each other, one is attacking and try to stop the terrorists and the other is defending the objective and trying to stop the counter terrorists. The game has 36 operators, each operator has different skills and weapons; the two teams must coordinate their operator choices in order to have the best chance of winning. A game is made of up to 5 or 9 rounds, depending on the game mode. A round is 3-4 minutes (depending on game mode) and is where the game actually takes place. Whoever wins the majority of rounds wins the game.

Pro League is the esports league made by Rainbow Six in order to hold tournaments for the game. Games are long and intense, lasting usually over an hour and having stricter rules compared to those default in the game. During this three day event fans can travel to Quebec, Canada and watch their favorite teams and players, all playing for the grand finals and a prize pool of $650,000 (this is expected to approach $1 million with crowd funding). Although it is fun to watch professionals play the game the biggest impact the Invitational will leave happens on Sunday, and it is not the Grand Finals.

On Sunday the Rainbow team will be announcing all the new operators coming to the game, the road map, and operator reworks. This is major as these changes shift the meta of the game and change how everyone needs to play to be competitive. Although nothing has been leaked yet through out the next few weeks Rainbow will start dropping short videos. These videos will feature the operators to gain some curiosity from the fans to get the most amount of views for the reveal and to get the community discussing possible abilities and weapons. Along with the new characters, Rainbow will announce a new map coming to the game. The map will go into ranked and have a special button on the main menu so any player who wants to try it can instantly get into a match with the map. Maps are a huge part of the game as they are all different and add new elements of fun gameplay. This sometimes includes special kill holes to get easy kills or the use of operators in unique and fun strategies to get an advantage for the rest of the round. Along with this set of operators and the map; fans will also get a road map. The road map gives rough estimates for when new operators, gamemodes, and more new maps will be released. This gives the community something to look forward too and an estimated time of when the meta may shift again. The last part, and maybe the most important, is the operator reworks. When operators in the game have a low pick rate or just don’t fit in the game, the developers look over that player and change their gadget (and sometimes their weapons) in order to make them a more attractive pick. This can lead to operators being used when they weren’t, or making the operators used consistently to drop off. The biggest rumored rework coming is Lion. Lion is known for being one of the most hated and overpowered operators in the game, forcing players to stay still or else get marked through walls for everyone on the attacking team, basically legal wallhacks when used correctly. This mark lasts for about 7 seconds depending when and how often the players moves. Lion has been banned in Pro League and HSEL because he is hated so much by pros. The rework will hopefully bring him back into the game and make him allowed to be played in competitive scenes.

The reason this will be so important for HSEL is because it will most likely provide a meta and rule shift for HSEL Rainbow games. Lion is currently banned in the league, knocking out a potential player for someone to play or ban (banning is done before the match begins and permanently blocks everyone from playing the operator banned by majority of the team, each team gets to ban a defense and offensive operator). With the developers reworking him it is likely he will be brought back into Pro League, therefore back into HSEL If you ban Lion that means someone who is commonly banned is available, and if played it forces players to fix their strategies to defeat him. Also, it is likely that with the new season the game will allow Kaid and Nomad to enter Pro League, again bringing them into HSEL. Lastly, the operator reworks could drastically change the meta and the way people play. When the meta changes, so do the players. This could cause HSEL members to need to change their strategies for games and find new ways to win. The Invitational could bring up to 3 new operators into the league and will most likely change how many are played.

These three things will very likely change the way Rainbow is played and the best ways to win. Pros and HSEL members will need to learn the new operators and reworks in order to best help their team and thrive throughout the season. Make sure to pay attention on February 17th and the Rainbow Six Siege stream as it could change the way we play Rainbow forever.