Season 9 on the Horizon League of Legends

On january 23rd the long awaited start to season 9 of league of legends will start, since the start of the pre season on November 23rd. (Even though people were still playing ranked and not many changes had been implemented). This has been one of the longest pre seasons that not many players have been used to; the pre season being little over a few months. New things were introduced in the pre season, such as the changes of the ranking system, Neeko being released as a new champion, the glitches during the blood moon event, and the argument going on about prestige skins. The ranking system adding two new ranks, the past seasons progression of the rank system went from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Platinum to Diamond to Master to Challenger. Each rank has consisted of 5 tiers and went from Bronze 5 to Bronze 4 after winning a set number of game to progress through the tier of rank. Now the ranks go by Iron to Bronze to Silver to Gold to Platinum to Diamond to Master to Grandmaster To Challenger. And they only have 4 tiers per ranking until you get to Master. Certain pros have voiced their concerns regarding the addition of Iron. Stating that people who were stuck in Bronze 5 are now going to be forced into a subsection of league that they will never be able to leave. Neeko was recently released, being one of the few champs of having the ability to copy the appearance of her fellow teammates. Makes her a force to be reckoned with as her kit is a burst of magic damage and is hard to counter when she can stealth and makes a copy of herself. Much like the champion Shaco who is meant to be used and played like an assassin with burst. So does Neeko as both her and Shaco require that you play a mind game to win. During the launch of the blood moon event in League of Legends. Capsules for the event went on sale but went on for the price of 1 Blue essence which is the normal price on the Public Beta Environment. Not normally meant for the public. And so for 15 minutes players were essentially able to snag hundreds of dollars worth of skins for free. Riot had claimed it was impossible to revert the accounts that had got the free content. But the Garena servers (outside of riots normal control) were able to revert everything the players had obtained for free. During the last bit of the year a new addition for skin lines had come out. Prestige skins essentially are chromas (alternate colors for a skin) but with gold finish to them. These skins do not give you an advantage over other players. And are purely for cosmetic reasons. To obtain the tickets needed for the prestige skins. 100 tickets are needed and as of currently writing this. The only way to obtain any tickets is through purchasing them in store. The total to get a 100 tickets through the store. Is roughly 100$ and considering each new skin line this year will get a prestige version of a skin. Only the players with deep pockets will be able to afford them. Where as skins that require gem stones, you at least have the chance to grind out for the skin. As we move onto season 9 and leave behind season 8 we can see the changes slowly start to take effect as the new ranking starts, as new champions are added. Hopefully a better season to start on as we roll into the new year.

-Reese Handley