Wrecking Impact

Recently Overwatch, a popular team based first-person shooter has added a new hero named Hammond. Hammond’s character type is quite simple: a small hamster in a huge wrecking ball. Hammonds classification in Overwatch is a tank. Over the past year, Overwatch has changed the classification of their heros to tank, healers, and damage. Hammond is one of the highest skill capped heros, meaning people who will want to only play Hammond will have to dedicate hours to map layouts and to his gameplay mechanics. A core part of his kit is his ability to hook onto any object. When used right, this ability can launch him up in the air for a ground attack, or knock back enemies for a solid amount of damage. This can be abused if the player using Hammond is able to go in a circle on certain objectives. I sat down with a member from HSEL Majors on his opinion on Hammond and where he thinks Hammond sits as a hero. I was joined by Jacob "Jacobi" Ruiz, Rank: Masters, Team: Just Smile.

Reese: Where do you think Hammond belongs as a hero?

Jacobi: I think he belongs in a coordinated dive comp. I personally think playing him in comp is one of the worst ideas due to how coordinated you have to be with Hammond. Playing Hammond in a tournament could be a good idea, it just depends on the coordination with [him].

Reese: Is he a hero you would pick up no matter the map?

Jacobi: I wouldn’t play him on any map. If my team was coordinated enough in a competitive game, probably only on dive maps.

Reese: Despite his situational grappling and hard to utilize slam, would you stillpick him up?

Jacobi: It really depends what map you’re on, if you [are] attacking or defending, and your play-style. You could be really aggressive with Hammond and try to go for solo kills, or you could play with your team and not risk dying and feeding the other team.

Reese:In your opinion,does he need a direct buffs or nerfs to his kit?

Jacobi: He needs to get nerfed on his speed, because when he is contesting the point on KOTH maps, he could be overpowered. He also gets places fast, so I think either his speed or his grapple needs to get nerfed.

Reese: How often have you seen him played?

Jacobi: I see him [played sometimes], most of the time it’s just people trying to one trick Hammond to see if they climb with that hero.

Reese: Do you anticipate people playing him more often now that he is in competitive?

Jacobi: No, due to how coordinated you have to be with Hammond. If you trust your team with coordination, try playing him on a dive map because he is most effective on dive maps and dive comps. Sometimes Hammond could be a throw due to the Hammond’s play-style.

Hammond as a hero is very challenging with his high skill cap with the team. Unfortunately we will more than likely see little to no play of him as a hero due to the synergy needed to make him work in a comp. If you would like to catch Jacobi in action, his team is Just Smile.

-Reese Handley