HSEL’s Nationals Review

Nationals is a great competitive experience for all High School Esports League gamers. Each team from various regions battle to the top to earn $50,000 in scholarship money, and represent their schools. Players can also be scouted by college recruiters Now to decide if a team goes to Nationals they have to win the playoffs, which can be difficult. In order to make the playoffs, you compete against other schools and teams with the most wins battle head to head for a chance in the Nationals. The newer games will not be going to be going to Nationals due to them being newer and not having enough people interested in the games. This team would receive varsity points which they would be able to spend in the varsity store. Currently, games we support in nationals are: League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, Hearthstone, and Overwatch.

Four people were interviewed about how they feel and what we should change about nationals. Dyson Slack from Eastlake Titans Smite Team. Believes in having a LAN event with Nationals would be a good idea. “I think it is a good thing to have so it encourages players to work hard to be in the nationals.” Do they think the Nationals are fair? He sure did, stated “Having teams to qualify is a great way so it's the best of the best and there will be good matchups against each other.”
He wasn’t the only person who agreed with the Nationals. Next on the list is Noah Risk (Brother Risk), previously featured on our Homeroom stream on Varsity Network. He gave some more insight about his opinion. “I personally think that nationals is a great idea. It offered a selling point to my coaches and teachers to be able to say that this wasn’t just an online thing and that there was a nationals in Texas. Nationals were in a way a goal, and not just more online games in a national game.” He then made a suggestion for improvement, noting that “The way that the seasons go down. It was really discouraging to be in the top 6 teams for the central division and having to play teams that were ranks above us. Playing teams like Palatine and Chaparrals over and over again and expecting a different outcome when we would just be stomped and kicked out of top 6 by the time the season was over and a no name team comes and steals the playoff spot because they are able to play low ranking teams during the split.” The main change with Nationals this year is that it will be all online, saving thousands of dollars to add more money to the Scholarship prize pool. In the past, Nationals have been in Dallas, Texas. Schools would travel to Dallas to compete live, meeting their competitors in person. The last question asked was, are you excited for the Nationals. “I was very excited and it wasn’t just because (HSEL Staff Member) Elijah promised to sign my mouse, it was because it was a chance to have games come to life and compete in real life for a shot at scholarships.”

Nero, who plays Counter Strike, Rainbow Six Siege, and Hearthstone, had given his opinion and some some feedback for us to share. “ I love competition, and the nationals brings in a lot of competition. Also I like the fact that there is a prize you are working for.” Not only did he give us his ideas to improve Nationals, “What (I believe) needs to be changed is making it so there are no forfeits. If someone forfeits at such a high level of play, then it is very anti-climatic and also unfair. There needs to be a better way to set times, (also) The playoffs are definitely needed, but I think the system to get into the playoffs needs to be worked on. The playoffs as a whole is a good idea, and taking the top 8 teams to nationals is definately good. The system right now (at least for cs:go) has way too many forfeits, and the way they choose who plays each other is weird.” He made great points and HSEL has already been looking into and trying some new things out.

Our last but not least, elysiaN, he plays overwatch for JCP Rangers OW A-Team. They will going to nationals and playing in the tournament. They won the Winter majors, placing 3rd in the central region. “Primarily the scale of how large HSEL and Esports have grown to be able to make nationals happen,” this was what he liked about the idea of Nationals and what he believes. “(I’m excited for Nationals) It's an opportunity to experience close to what professionals do, even though at my current skill and performance I most likely won't make it that far.” His doubts came to an end once his team made it to Nationals. One thing he wished HSEL would change, “I would prefer to have more information on players, where instead of having just their in-game name, there would be some general information about them in game (I.e. For overwatch players, it would list their general area of SR, their top 5 heroes played in competitive, and their k/d or win #).”

We look forward to receive more feedback and we hope to make something better for everyone to enjoy and have fun with it. We are glad to be the source of online competition and recognizing young talent. If you have ideas for improvement please contact us via discord: http://discord.gg/hsel and or contact us via www.highschoolesportsleague.com. By Brianna Lane