Investigation Report: HSEL vs jMENDOZ@

Lead Investigator: Brennan “KrittR” Wright


Evidence At Hand: GOTV demo from official match (Round 2), MM GOTV Demo


Findings: After initial review with the original evidence available to us at the time (PopFlash Demo), I had concluded that the VSA Griffins player jMENDOZ@ was guilty of the use of 3rd party software used to provide the player an unfair advantage in the form of wall hacks. I was able to come to this conclusion after watching the GOTV demo at 1x speed and again at ½x speed. After finding multiple instances of what appeared to be tracing through non-transparent textures I presented my case to HSEL administrators with the recommendation that action be taken. The punishment of a 3 week (3 game) suspension of play should be implemented to the VSA Griffins player jMENDOZ@.


After acquiring new evidence the case was reopened and re reviewed. I had the opportunity to watch through MM (Match Making) rounds in a game in which jMENDOZ@ does not appear to be using any form of cheats. I again watched this at 1x and ½x speed. I proceeded to go back and review the PopFlash demo and found the the players behavior was consistent with the behavior in the MM game. I also went on to watch not only jMENDOZ@’s POV in the HSEL match, but also his teammates to get a better idea of where everyone on the team was positioned throughout the match. I then slowed the demo down to ¼x speed on the rounds that I found to be incriminating and found that although the shots through the wall were close to being on target, they were actually off target by a small amount.


After going through new evidence and revisiting the official match I am recommending that the suspension on jMENDOZ@ be lifted immediately.


Final Outcome: 5-2 Vote in favor of lifting the suspension with the condition that the player is monitored throughout the season.