Survey Results and HSEL Action | Community Memo #1

TL;DR: We are working on making communication between teams and scheduling in general between teams better and have already started to explore different ways to do so. Also we are going to start to get more involved with the community.


Hello everyone my name is Beau Hughes and I work for the High School Esports League and I will be making these community memos most likely every weekend unless there is nothing to update everyone on! This memo will contain information on what is going on in the High School Esports League community and in the tournament. If you have something you feel should be on here please email me at


We recently sent out a survey to all of our players seeing how they thought the season was going and how we could improve. To start off with the survey we learned a few things which we need to look into like for example better ways for teams to communicate, how scheduling is done, and lastly how we can get more involved with the community.

Starting off with the better communication we have designed a few different ways we could fix this. One of these ways is to create a live chat on the website that both teams can use to communicate and plan out their matches. The second way would be to make it so Discord names are put on player info so you can easily contact the other team through Discord.

The second thing we are looking into is how scheduling is done and what days are aloud to be played on. We have tried many ways with scheduling in the past with allowing them to just play when they can, a flexible default time, and other options, but we feel that the best option is to look more into our current schedule and see how we can make it easier to plan matches and schedule matches.

Lastly we have been looking into how we can get more involved with our community. We are looking into different options like this to communicate with the community to tell everyone what we are upto to a certain extent and let them speak their mind about how we can improve even more! Now on a more personal side we plan to have community nights where we stream on our Twitch and play games like PUBG and CS:GO with our community. You can get more info on these community nights on our Steam Group where we will make announcements about games we are playing so you can join us!

To conclude this we want to let everyone know that we want to make sure this is a place where you can have fun which is why we are always working to find ways to make it a better experience! Also we want to hear what you think, so feel free to message any staff members and talk with them about your ideas!