Why Is Esports Developing So Fast?

We must admit that over the years esports has grown and will grow even more rapidly. From 1958 Tennis for two to the League of Legends and DOTA2 there has been massive growth. It has unconsciously affected many aspects of our life and has created a flock of Esports stars. However, you may be wondering: when did Esports come into focus? How did it change so unexpectedly? Here are the three reasons why esports is developing so fast.

  1. Technology Esports are sports games based on computer and video games, conducted by local area network and Internet. The material foundation of e-sports is laid on the development of information and technology and improvement of network infrastructure. The development of a high-end computer application platform provides a basic guarantee to Esports. Complicated, big and continuous online games are made possible by the Internet becoming more and more popular. Such a big game is supported by conditions for a large number of players to be online at the same time. Network foundation, Information technology, and computer application platform have created excellent grounds for the rebroadcast and competition of the esports.
  2. Commerce Skyrocketing esports undoubtedly has close relations with its commercial values. Esports magically attracts the public, especially the youth. Besides, there is also a hidden business opportunity in advertising. For example, in-game advertisements are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming industry because of its novel format, updating speed and high pertinence. For game factories, esports is a dreaming platform that raises the popularity of their brand. Because of this game producers do not spare any efforts to support it. The profits of the gaming industry restrain the organization and operation of this competition. It may seem that this kind of restriction has a negative impact, however, from the capital aspect, it actually benefits the conduction of e-sports.
  3. Esports itself. With the expansion of Internet coverage area in recent years, and with the diversity of application platforms, there are no restrictions in terms of place or time when it comes to playing online games. Quality and quantity have also largely improved at the same time. A key to being popular is interaction which is very important to an electronic game. At present, electronic games tend to pay much attention to the blend of reality and virtuality, which is essential in order to enforce the interaction of electronic games. So many people are attracted because players get to treat themselves as the roles in the game and they can explore the virtual world and go on an adventure on their own. This is one of the inner causes for the rapid development of esports. Esports is maintaining this development impetus and it is irreversible. We are discussing it, thinking about it and playing it. It is also an opportunity to inspire global economy and enrich lives and is a consequence of modern technology.