Hearthstone Semester Kickoff

To start the semester off with a bang, we decided to throw a surprise Hearthstone tournament, the tournament was set in a bracket format with the semi's and finals played out in best of 3's. The first semi played was Clay vs Garuzi with Clay on Tempo Rogue and Garuzi playing Mech Mage. Clay took the first game and had to change deck, he moved to a Mech Mage and Garuzi stuck with his Mage, Clay won the mirror match and took the set.

The second semi final was fought by LordKira00 and Verzin, LordKira00 played Control Paladin and Verzin played Midrange Druid, Verzin would go on to win the game. After technical hiccups the set was trumped with Verzin's Control priest. The final clash of battles would be fought by Verzin's Druid again and Clay's Tempo Rogue. With a Dr Boom, the game was won by Verzin. In a big surprise Clay moved to a Handlock and Verzin's control priest beautifully won the set making him the champion overall!

I had a quick interview with our champion but further technical difficulties made it quite short, but Verzin spoke of the culture of e sports at his school. You can watch all the games and the interview on our Twitch and Youtube channels, and if you would like to participate in tournaments like these you can register for League of legends and DOTA 2 this semester on our website, www.hsel.org.

Cheers, HOG_hunt3r